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Earth’s Ascension and Energy Transition : Decoded

The penned write up would unravel the mystery to all the mortals, which is possible solely through the heavenly plan, as only awakened and enlightened souls who are potential star seeds (signifies the human beings/ other extra-terrestrial beings, who have experienced the life anywhere in the Universe than earth) would be able to read and […]

Creating holisitc wellness and harmony

The Science Of Meditation

Meditation is a Beautiful Science of Tuning the Rhythms of Body, Mind & Soul. “Doing nothing is Meditation. It’s an effortless effort” The term meditation is used in a broader sense which includes the practice for the relaxation of physical body, enhancing control on mind and build connection with the life force energy. It helps […]

Benefits of chakra meditation

How Do You Spread Energies & Create Your Future

You are all enveloped by The energies around you- The energies of the universe, The energies of the elements which are inside and outside. The energies travel in the form of wave just like sound wave with the collision of particles. It works at different levels through thoughts, speech, sight & touch. When you receive […]