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How to manage Stress at the Workplace

What is stress? It is a “state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” We experience stress when things are out of our control and managing stress has become vital for all individuals to lead a happy and healthy life. Identifying the source of stress to an extent can help one […]

Yog Nidra: A Gateway To Healthy Life

Can you believe that over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders? In a fast paced world with high demands from work, family and life, we are hardly left with any time for rest or relaxation. It is natural that most of us are affected by stress and anxiety, which in turn, result in lack […]

Silence your mind for good sleep

One of the things that most people are striving in one way or another is a quiet mind. When the mind is stressed out and overloaded with loads of information, one should find a way to relieve unwanted information that is creating stress on one’s mind. What is the general meaning of stress? “Stress is […]