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Silence your mind for good sleep

One of the things that most people are striving in one way or another is a quiet mind. When the mind is stressed out and overloaded with loads of information, one should find a way to relieve unwanted information that is creating stress on one’s mind. What is the general meaning of stress? “Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium”. There are several methods to relieve stress that is taught by various masters, gurus, teachers, mentors and/or coaching professionals. Methods used may differ from person  to person with different expertise and knowledge. Keeping busy with things to do, and not wasting time is wonderful, but for optimum performance one’s mind should be at “peace and in equilibrium”. As It is difficult to control thoughts, it is always better to surpass it than to suppress thinking. Controlling thoughts has never been easy for anyone unless they have learned some art of meditation. Once your thoughts are in balance you can find peace of mind, but where there is chaos you will not be happy, where there is anger there is anticipations of a fight, where there is no love you cannot find happiness. Root cause for these problems in not having the ability to silence your mind. When you mind is not silent this affects your peace and your health. We have always been told, one should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which is one of the most important aspects in finding balance of mind. If you are deprived of sleep this could lead to lack of concentration, tiredness, poor health etc. Question is how do I remove all this rubbish from my mind? How do I sleep without stress? How can I find peace? How can I control my thoughts? How can I silence my mind. Here are few important suggestions that can change your life today and you can take charge of your sleep if you begin with these practices.


Meditation helps in relaxing your mind. Practicing it daily allows you to manage stress and tension in a better way. Meditating just before you go to bed can help in clearing all the unwanted thoughts and excess load you are baring in your mind. This practice has to be done on a daily basis even if it’s for 10 mins a day.

Mindfulness meditation:

A technique adapted from Buddhist Vipassana meditation.This meditation emphasizes on the importance of being in the present. It teaches you to be aware of your emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment and accept the same in a non-judgemental way. It is practiced in sitting posture, with eyes closed, cross legged with the back straight. Concentrating on your abdominal breathing as you inhale and exhale. Meditators often start with short periods of 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the time with practice. This method helps to clear one’s mind of negative thoughts and stress.

Lying in “Shavasana” or corpse pose is also a part of meditation.This helps you to relax your mind and body, reduce stress, increase oxygen supply, reduces headaches, improves memory etc. Shavasan is lying on your back with face upward, relaxing your hands and legs by spreading them in a 30 degree angle. Deep breathing in this position and concentrating on the rhythm of  your inhaling and exhaling can also drift off  you to sleep.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise on daily basis also relaxes your body, lifts your mood and reduces stress. It is always better to take the natural, holistic route to resolve imbalances in your body. Yoga is one of the natural methods having absolutely no side effects and can rejuvenate your mind and body. It is a technique of controlling body and mind. Yoga includes various bodily postures, simple meditation and breath control exercises Each posture in yoga has  vital effect on different parts/organs of our body.Some of the yoga postures that leads to a good sleep are forward bending pose, cat stretch,child pose and butterfly pose. These postures are mainly stretches that relaxes your body, massages your digestive organs and improve digestion. Yoga should be a part of your daily routine and must  be done during earlier hours of the day and not before going to the bed.

Going to Sleep and Rising from Bed on a Timely Manner.

Sticking to a consistent time of sleeping helps the body to naturally slow down and that clears up thoughts and improves the quality of sleep. People fall into patterns of their lifestyle, some go to sleep very late, some want to sleep in the morning and some love to sleep a lot. We should not take this  problem lightly as it’s known as Delayed Sleep Phase syndrome, or DSPS for short. Many resort to medication for sleeping, but before you resort to medical treatment, what you should be aware about is your own bad sleep habits or the inability to relax your mind that plays a significant role in controlling your sleep. Avoid any activities that add energy to your body and mind, something that gets you thinking. Let’s understand why you have to go to bed? You want to sleep, why would you then watch TV, play video games or read before bedtime. Whole objective is to rest your mind. Listening to slow soothing music should also be avoided if possible, but a total NO NO to high-energy music, like metal or rap. Some of the things that can help you sleep better is to have a nice warm bath, control your room temperature, switch off all lights and electronics, use scented candles and sprays, and build your ambience. Most importantly switch off your mind.

Express your thoughts in writing.

Stress, trauma, and unexpected life developments, such as a cancer diagnosis, a car accident, or a layoff, death in your family, breaking up with your girlfriend usually can create a mental and emotional imbalance. Writing about thoughts and feelings that arise from a traumatic or stressful life experience is called expressive writing. Purpose of this writing is to help release emotional feeling. This is not a cure, and this remedy is not going to work for everyone, but knowing your current situation in life and if you are able to relate to this article follow this method of expressive writing. If your mind is overloaded with thoughts, jotting down those feelings before going to bed is also another means of venting out your stress to silence your mind in order to get good sleep. There is no point of taking stress to bed and if there is no one around you to share your feelings of frustration it is best you write it on a piece of paper and address your concerns the following day. How is taking your load of work, pain and stress to your pillow going to change what is supposed to happen tomorrow?

Calling a friend, going out for a walk

or engage in your hobby would relieve you from good amount of stress. If you are not comfortable in any of the above methods, these days there are various spiritual mentors /coaches who provides guidance on how to lead a stress-free life. One such organisation is Transcend horizons events, who can connect you with reputed practitioners who could guide you through your major difficulties. If you or one of your family member or friends is looking for guidance contact Nandita Kotian at +1 203-979-5499, the owner of Transcend Events, who connects such mentors/practitioners dealing with these problems.

When it comes to sleep it is quality that matters. Practicing the above techniques would help you to reduce your negative and unwanted thoughts and silence your mind in order to get good sleep. This is in turn will put you in good health and have a healthy mind.

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