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Benefits of chakra meditation

How Do You Spread Energies & Create Your Future

You are all enveloped by The energies around you- The energies of the universe, The energies of the elements which are inside and outside. The energies travel in the form of wave just like sound wave with the collision of particles. It works at different levels through thoughts, speech, sight & touch.

    1. When you receive any good or bad intention and you walk through these thoughts, begin with the thinking process, the more you go deeper and deeper the more you transmit the electromagnetic waves which travel in the universe to match its frequency & attract /manifest these situations/events in your life. (How the intention is created inside and how it manifests is not in the scope of this write-up). But, the important point is that we need to be aware and conscious of what thoughts we are subscribing from this unlimited expansive library.
    1. Even after the thoughts, we can actually hold the manifestation by creating a different aura by the tool blessed to us called “speech” through which we chant, use affirmations, recite divine words & names and by speech we give output to the created thoughts. Majority speaks what they think, which means they are driven by their thoughts, you’re conscious, you’re are out of the thought zone and you pick/choose which of the  thoughts to put into manifestation. So, the underlying principle is to speak with awareness & be conscious. Be conscious of what thoughts your are speaking. You can use positive thoughts and give them output through your speech.
    1. Energy travels outside your Auric field through your sight and touch. When you put your sight on anything it creates an intention and a thought process which further leads to creating your own reality. Similarly, when you touch someone or something, the energy transfers into you from that someone or something & another intention is created. The circle of thought to manifestations begin again.

Become aware & conscious of your thoughts, speech, sight & touch !!!

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