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Benefits of chakra meditation

Techniques to Boost your Wellness at Workplace

In this modern busy world with people leading hectic life, wellness plays a vital role. What is wellness? ”It is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind”. With all the complexities involved in our daily life, it would be difficult for people to stay focused in what they do.To bring about wellness in the workplace must be one of the important objectives of the corporate world. Employers should take steps to enhance the productivity and well-being of their employees which results in the success of the organization. It is therefore necessary to gain control over your mind and emotions. Wellness in the workplace can be achieved through various methods and practices like  Meditation and Yoga.


Meditation is definitely a widely used medium for relieving stress and tension in the present day world. Big corporates such as Google,Linkedin,Apple,Ford,Goldman Sachs etc have all recognized the importance of meditation for the overall improvement of the bottom line of the organization. According to reliable sources, these corporates have saved a lot in healthcare costs per employee and  in turn there was considerable increase in their productivity. Regular practice of meditation and mindfulness has brought about this transformation in the workplace.

Mindful employees are healthier and more focused. Meditation helps you to be aware of everything that you do and affects all levels of being — psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual. Productivity of an individual is improved when his mind is at peace and this peacefulness state can be achieved through practice of meditation and yoga.

Meditation is a “state of nothingness”. Concentrating on your breathing in and out by sitting straight on a plane surface is one way of doing it. When  you concentrate on your breath, you start focusing on breathing and slowly you would fall into state of calmness with less thoughts coming into your mind. This can be practiced even in your workplace sitting at your desk. All you need is to just close your eyes for few minutes and concentrate on your inhale and exhale. As a result of this, one becomes completely relaxed and stress free. This definitely reflects in the work he/she does. Everyone requires a calm mind to do his work effectively. This is one of the best methods that helps improve productivity of individual. As we all know, the right brain is responsible for the creativity a person, this can be enhanced through regular practice of meditation. Once this is done an employee can put in more and more creative ideas and lead to success in his career and also be an asset to the organization.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Meditation is considered as a team building exercise in the corporate world these days. Meditation is not a religious practice but a spiritual experience. When people come after the sessions of meditation, they feel more close, connected and have empathy and compassion for each other. This really helps in building a good work relations with their co-workers and wellness in the workplace is achieved.

  • Meditation helps to improve the focus and memory. When this is attained, an employee can give his best to the organization.

  • Helps a person to be energetic throughout the day. By spending few minutes for meditation can bring about whole lot of energy  in people that leads them to work efficiently.

  • Enhances creativity and lets you think out of the box.

  • Vital tool for relieving stress. It also helps the employees to plan in an effective manner and also make better decisions even under pressure.

  • Meditation increases the blood circulation of the brain.


The word Yoga means “unity” or “oneness” and is derived from the sanskrit word “yuj” which means to join. Yoga is a method of bringing harmony to mind and body. It is necessary to keep your body healthy to be more productive in whatever you do.Stress and back-pain are two key factors that leads to absence at work. This is due to excessive work pressure and constant sitting in front of the desktop for longer hours on daily basis . Importance on Yoga has been understood by the corporate world and they have taken steps to incorporate it in their wellness programmes for their employees. Wellness in the workplace is very important for the success of the organization.

Yoga at workplace can be fun. Yoga with your teammates and friends at work will definitely help you relieve your work stress and tension to great extent. There are a lot simple exercises in yoga which can be seated at your desk.

Roll your Neck

  1. Keep your eyes closed..

  2. Drop your chin down to your chest

  3. Begin the circular motion of your neck slowly, by moving the right ear to the right shoulder, taking the head backwards and then bringing the left ear to the left shoulder.

  4. Keep your shoulders loose and relax.

  5. Rotate your neck 3-5 times and then switch directions.

Cow Stretch

  1. Place your feet on the floor.

  2. Keep both hands on your knees.

  3. While inhaling, stretch your back backwards and look towards the ceiling.

  4. While exhaling, stretch your back forward and drop your head forward.

  5. Repeat this exercise for 3-5 breaths.

Seated Forward Bend

  1. Move your chair away from the desk

  2. Remaining seated, keep your feet flat on the floor.

  3. Take your arms behind the lower back, keep your back straight and interlock your fingers behind your back.

  4. Bending forward from the waist, bring your interlaced hands over your back.

  5. Rest your chest on your thighs and relax your neck.

Eagle Arms

  1. Stretch your arms straight in front of your body and parallel to the floor. Palms facing the ceiling.

  2. Cross your right arm over the left (bend your arm slightly at the elbow if needed). Bring both palms together.

  3. Lift both elbows. The shoulders slide down your back.

  4. Repeat this exercise with the left arm over the right.

Seated Spinal Twist

  1. Sit sideways in your chair.

  2. Place your feet flat on the floor.

  3. Holding the back of the chair with both hands, twist your waist to the right towards the back of the chair.

  4. Turn to the other side. Repeat this exercise a few more times.

Temple Rub

  1. Keep your elbows on your desk and place your hands on your temples.

  2. With small circular motions gently rub your temples first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

  3. Do this for 10 – 15 long deep breaths.

Doing this regularly will surely help you to be more active, healthy and be more productive at workplace. Thus,offering Yoga classes to the employees would result in their betterment and in turn for the organization.

We understand that wellness is important at the workplace and ways to achieve it have all also been discussed. There are number of wellness programs being conducted in various organizations. Nandita Kotian from Transcend Horizons conducts such corporate events across America. She connects various practitioners and experts for the purpose of educating people in this regard. Such workshops results in employee empowerment, Higher productivity levels, better relations with the employer and their colleagues at the workplace.

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