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The Science Of Meditation

Meditation is a Beautiful Science of Tuning the Rhythms of Body, Mind & Soul.

“Doing nothing is Meditation. It’s an effortless effort”

The term meditation is used in a broader sense which includes the practice for the relaxation of physical body, enhancing control on mind and build connection with the life force energy. It helps to develop love, compassion, patience, forgiveness and unity with universal consciousness. It has multiple meanings in different religions and people have been following different Gurus & learned people to learn meditation.

In my view, meditation is a blissful lifestyle which is the first milestones on the path of awakening and tasting the real elixir of life. The concept of meditation begins with spending time with ones own Self and with the process of real state of being i.e. “BREATH”. The state of meditation is attained through the Prana Shakti- The life force energy which is lit inside us and it’s proceeding every second. Through the 8 limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutram beginning from Yama to Samadhi, Meditation is initiated from the 3rd limb i.e. Asana which includes the enhancement of physical energy through various postures.

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